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Taking nature as nurturing

Allowing the sun to shine in on us, feel the warmth and light just absorb into our bodies that need to just simply be.

Surrendering to our surroundings that we choose to enjoy and embrace the beautiful world that mama Gaia has created.

Guess what?

You are a creature of creation that has created this reality.

Choose wisely to what is best for your mind,body, & soul.

That can be singing like canaries , painting, dancing, replenishment of listening to the beachfront with the waves crashing onto shore.

Anything, anyone, anywhere.

As Joe dispenza states, to let go and float into the void. Connect with your own soul.

No one

No thing

No where

Your external experience is how your inner home feels within that harmony in the mind, body & soul.

What is contributing to containing you in a capacity of conserving your light?

Excavation is welcome.

Cleanse, clear, release and replenish and restore the energy and spaces you are surrounded with.

Elevated levels are right here for us and essential to the exploration of expansion, not knowing how or what, trust that the good is getting greater.

We get to have it all.

Just allow yourself that.

Permission to receive all that is uplifting and meaningful to you, in the senses of the physical.

Open mindset.

Free spirit.

Love your life.

If not,

Take ownership and responsibility of what your signing consent is per person and each moment.

Honor your contract with your relationship with your SELF.

Go get lost.

To find your voice.

Expressing yourself.

All the things that are important to you.

Fill your cup.

With love ❤️


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