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Taking a leap of faith for yourself

Hello and welcome back to the wonders of this beautiful blog and podcast magic ✨

Diving into taking that bet, with only yourself. No one else. Jumping into the unknown with such surety and self empowerment that any chance taken is here and now, for all new opportunities.

So really opening up to the wild side that is every so often let loose to be free, taking those thrills and really putting that momentum in a space that can bring every day experiences so much higher and greater than ever before.

When was the last time you had taken a bet on YoUrSeLf?

Taking the spontaneous chances on all that it takes to fulfill you? The simplistic happiness?

<--- Clicking on the image has a song for ya

Confronting the fear, speaking the truth, and going to the new community that serves the highest good for your own well being, are all examples of doing the damn thing for what matters to you. No matter what may occur around you after those choices are made.

Knowing the direction of the journey is found during travel, that is what makes the adventure so thrilling. Also, seeking out grounded security in all that is within your own heart and wisdom already gained from life experiences are going to support the insecurities of not knowing what the future may hold. Trusting the whole way through.

Once seeing the whole aspect of the wild side of the soul, then the holding of peace can rest easily within. Honoring the space at any given moment of what is being called to be expressed, some of us just need that rush of B U C K W I L D spontaneous adventures. So give that to your soul.

2 cards from, Colette Baron Reid Wisdom of the Oracle, New life and To the Sea.

So if you click on the image ----> The 1st card will pop up.

A new season of growth and blossom come into fruition for us, just as the plants are in spring. The stillness and resting of winter has melted away, rain washing away all the debris of stagnant clutter that is no longer holding any substance. New life is invited to be here with all of us!

Fresh breath of air and taking in consideration of what our mind, body, and soul is calling us to really hoan in closer to. With making choices that are from a very intuitive and whole soul integrity based space.

Getting T H R I L L E D and SuPeR amped up to just be alive and choose positivity, to be able to get this life to live and do literally all that you want!

You have the energy ready to use! Bet on yourself! Take the leap of faith!

All resources and doors that are meant to be opened to you surely will, just stay open and curious to all of what feels so uplifted in your inner home. Loose the lenses of distortion and blurred images, what you chase is where trust is. Let that be attraction in all dreams and pure surrender to the serendipitous feeling.

The spark of inspiration and momentum to propel forward comes from the wild wind of your soul, spinning can get that actual flow pumping in you as well.

Seriously. Try it.

Like 10-12 times in a row and that rush gets you in that exciting energetic space, use that same potential to complete that project or new creation you have brewing in that brain.

" To the Sea " ( Click on the pic )

What is so fun and vivid about this painting is the correlation to the card meaning. Knowing is from the mind, and seeing your full potential in all the skills and abilities that come from source/creator/God.

In all that blossoms is an expression from only the unique perception of those eyes that only you hold.

Sometimes we need a nap.

Slow down the fast pace external noises, the distractions in our hands (ahhhheeemmm) yes, the phone.

Plug back into the peace and stillness to hear your voice and even the very heartbeat in your chest.

Going with the flow of life, when that is calling for rest or movement, allowing the natural initiation of intuition to lead. Riding that wave of opportunity that can form from seamless effortless conditions, trust and faith to guide through the process of this flow in the wave of new blossoming.

All will fall into place and work out when the scramble and rush of chaos comes to a slow and steady ease, letting go of the grip of control and just simply letting it be. Allowing the sea wash over you. Especially with relationships, transcending both personalities and finding common ground to both steer the ship.

This can be from a deep root of survival technique created in high intense emotional and physical extremes. Being very kind to this process and what steps to take now are going to be sensitive. Trying to unpack this will be uncomfortable, but relationships that control you are not healthy for any soul freedom healing.

Please treat this step with grace and loving endurance to assure that wound to heal and reach the abundance waiting for you.

Sometimes there are external conditions that appear to block every attempt to move forward, there is no hidden message here. Like the ocean, the tides have an experience of ebb and flow. You are a part of this natural cycle, so know that things will flow again in due course.

Stop resisting and fighting against the situation and learn to flow, even when the tide is going out. Relax and trust that the abundance will be within your reach again. Rest and replenish with this moment, water the plants, read a book, and repair what net you use for catching that success.

For me this standstill was a deep reflective journaling and sound bathing healing for rejuvenating my body to get into a resting state. Most of the resistance that popped in for my healing was that trust. Once that reflective aspect is dissected and understood, rebuilding that foundational belief block will bring in abundance ten fold.

Excitement to have the new blossom of those ideas and new opportunities, that may not be fully understood for exactly for what they are, but still having that thrill for what you know and trust is great for you. That will make that happen, the colors, senses, that desire of pure light in all of this life.

Come into yourself fully, grasp every concept of what makes that clock tick.

Then that leap of faith, will be of trust.

Let go. Free fall.

We each have support and guidance in life, never alone, in feeling and sensing, allowing that spirit to teach us what freedom and peace in all wholesome love can honestly be. Replenishing all resistance with understanding and clear perception of why those feelings are there, staying in transparency with our story.

Diffusing what once was , with support of what is. Now. Here. Surrendering to that authentic side of your most genuine intuition that calls all the shots. Whether you were aware or not, all the choices that were pulling away from that ABSOLUTE YES, meant that giving into that NO ,fed into the misalignment to your own soul.

The gut instinct, heart based choice, ABSOLUTE YES, makes intuition stronger, trusting, knowing, believing all in what the soul guides us towards is alignment.

Take the bet.

Trust me.

It's worth it.

Happy healing my love!

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