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Take a moment to rest

Hello , and welcome back! It definitely has definitely been awhile since we connected like this, but some days we need solitude with peace and quiet. Especially with integration, putting all those lessons learned in perspective of real life day to day activities. At least with all that has been in such fast motion, that what my transparent share has been this past week.

So please, sit back and try to find that stillness and ease with this read.

Finding peace and what exactly is human nature that includes recovery, we are taking the steps to jump back into the motion of doing all the things. In the zoomed out lens of life, to show up in our best, we have to settle down and replenish, burnout is real and replenishment is needed now more than ever.

The ease of breath work, when the body remembers the peak of heightened emotions, bringing peace and stillness back into focus is on the inhale and exhale. Duration especially, continuous cycle at a consistent pace, maybe a 4/7 count to each breath in, hold and pause any breath, then release.

Sound and vocal noises that need to be expressed will ease any suppressed emotions that the body might still be clinging tightly to. So for most of the audience here, being familiar to the survival state in the flight or fight sympathetic nervous system response. I know about all of it, and here for this transparent share. So if I may be so kind to share, scream if you feel that bottled up. Cry those agonizing wails, or just open whatever is being called.


Movement will also get this natural human expression of emotion free from the body and the mind, clarity and serenity come from a peaceful state of freedom. So walks, dances, mini trampoline, jump rope, simple swaying from side to side.

As we see ourselves clearly for what our human needs are in exactly whatever form that may be, that understanding is a reminder from our higher self. God/creator/source, our guides like angels ancestors and other spirit aid like animals or mystical creatures. For my team the totem animal for my life is a butterfly. These creatures have medicine that teaches about tendencies and natural occurrences during changing states of being.

Once we allow in the guidance of ourselves helping and aiding in all mental and emotional needs, our body becomes aligned with those needs as well. Then, our miraculous soul can shine through in all that we are in the most authentic sense. Once we can translate who we are and what we need, spirit then has a wonderful opening into aiding our creations.

So a peek into the transparent story of feeling the need to share this message today, is a simple surgical recovery on my feet and being in bed for a week and some days to replenish my needs. The last time this procedure had taken place, my body remembered and my mental state was just observing without judgement, to take in each emotion, there was fear, agonizing wails and crying during this healing process. So surrendering, and praying, meditation, reiki, and allowing the divine white light of God come through to every inch of my vessel helped so much. So much realization of rest and replenishment, clear intentions, very patient and still with this process. Taking care of self is T O P P R I O R I T Y!

As you may or may not be familiar with my practice, is to aid and uplift many wandering and eager healing souls to be in tune with the soul purpose and excavate any emotions that are clogging up the energy stream that is connected to spirit. A medicine woman, but I do not heal or fix anyone, that is completely up to them in the most willingness agreement to change.

Here for anyone who needs guidance, since I willingly chose to connect to the highest sense of spirit. This image, if you click it, there is a song that is beautiful to see on this journey from human to a spiritual sense of being. Co-create is the card of the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid.

The connection to this map and that message is being focused on what our reality is, knowing we are creators, we made this. Every detail, each aspect, all thoughts, feelings, beliefs, turn into words and then actions. So what does this mean?

Consideration and awareness that we are in partnership with spirit and God/higher power/source/creator consciousness, we all come from a source of love and light. All expression is a paint brush and each perspective is in a different shade from each person, colors of divine inspiration that is flowing through our veins. The main focus is what you apply your mind to and just let your dreams lead you in whatever sense that may be, remember all ideas are a channel and connection from this higher source. You co-create this reality with spirit and the potential for manifestation is unlimited. So just know if there is a block or slump, you are being nudged/called to connect with spirit. Peaceful and solitude from all that is distracting from this meditative/prayer state of stillness.

Again, transparent share on my end, media breaks are so refreshing and as of 2 weeks of deleting the apps like facebook, instagram, tik tok, pinterest, and twitter from my phone has been so clean to my connection with myself and what has been inspired through spirit to create in the bliss of peace and recovery. So yes, take it easy, if you must, shut off every single thing that is over stimulating, noisy, intake only your own essence of pure joy. Trust me, it is worth every drip of sweet honey of golden light energy from spirit.

Next card that popped out at me is, yup, you guessed it, in the image, click and fly away to the meaning!

When we have a clear mind, then we can find the words and affirmations to feed our confidence to our best version of ourselves. Knowing our legacy, the detail of each step of our journey, aware of the skills, wisdom, knowledge acquired thus far. This is a strong urge to feel confident and really know that to make your success concrete is now at your disposal. Stepping into your power and embracing your light.

This also has a pull to know when to postpone on anything that you are not fully ready for, so you can be fully prepared and show up as the best you can when you are ready. Forcing anything feeds into misalignment and chaos, so saying no is the best option. Until you feel it is legit.

Watch closely here though, the card that follows is Round and Round.

Click on the highlighted word to get the meaning from the card creator herself, same deck as the previous cards. So just know the depiction of the message that is translated through me is partial verbiage from the cards and intuitive meaning from my perspective of my essence of emotion.

When feeling ready and feeling fear or any deeply rooted belief that there is any hesitance to move forward is a gentle reminder of the past version of ourselves. Doubt and overthinking come with baggage of our time in this life with others. So facing these layers of healing, taking in H U G E consideration of spirit and what your higher self would be choosing will make that choice clear. Motivation or momentum to approach this sensitive moment again, just from a different point of view. The integration comes here, wisdom, confidence to see the lesson as a blessing and when to end the cycle, tradition, or generational curse that has been ingrained into almost every incentive you may carry. Healing here is monumental, the pinnacle peak of transformation, to acknowledge disruption and use discernment.

Understanding, the opposing person point of view, forgiving all of yourself in that moment, and when you are ready to do the same for that person. To free yourself, this is not for them, but you will sense a new energy once this legit love is embraced fully. When we have not fully integrated a lesson we are brought back to revisit a pattern that is to be embraced from a higher sense of self. Wearing the shield of defense from our survival mode, is being warmly embraced with love and surrender.

Taking each day as it may come, each moment, emotion per emotion, express yourself when you are ready, acknowledge that you are stronger and secure now, easily loving to all aspects of your little self, in those younger years. The moment is now to lay down those burdens that are not yours to carry, especially from any loved ones. Boundaries of clear intention of love will be the change and point of learning what peace and unconditional love to you.

With so much said and felt , I send the most warming hugs to you and love on this journey.

Love your soul sister,


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