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Spiritual Emergency Kit

Hello, Hi, and Welcome!!

Since this last post, there has been some MEGA rejuvenating and replenishment to the core. The butterfly phase in metamorphosis is the cocoon stage in a place of stillness, really going inward and becoming a new version of what once was.

When we go into a new phase of life, transition, change and renovation of our inner home of who we can be the transformation can be quite turbulent. BUT, there is hope! (Clicking the image will take you to a link for the oracle card pulled)

Yes, a method to the madness, calm aspects to the chaos. With that being said, this is an internal commitment and consistency to tending to our own gardens. Taking those precautions to what is leading up to the big leap and change that is being invited.

Willingness and open receptivity is going to be really welcomed in the unknown possibilities that can come into your life.

In this, the messages that have been very clear and transparent in the months gone are to really hoan into intuition and use heavy discernment. This has been a journey for humanity as a whole that has awakened so much. (Clicking the highlighted will take you to a link for a song)

Taking the steps to fill up your soul really is a deep devotion to what the body and mind have to say and feel. So listen up buttercup!! Really taking a neutral and stable state when approaching the past version of self trying to communicate, in what ever verbage, behavioral mannerisms, social ques, the whole entirety of who they once were. The acceptance and listening, to then expressing and releasing all that can be invited to let go of.

The image has the message from the oracle deck of the ORACLE CARDS-SELF CARE-STARSEED, so in this invite there were 2 cards that came forward for our channeled connection here today.

  1. Water your Garden: Nourishment, Body care. Tenderness. Rest.

  2. The Great Severing: Mars energy. Anger. Conflict. Softening to love.

When we see and feel a very strong pull to really connect and slow down, our own well being is on the receptive end trying to get our minds and soul into one equal space of balance. So, this body we live in and care for can be the vessel for our greatest potential for what ever that may be.

Self care is C R U C I A L.

Love and devotion, loyalty and commitment, consistency and complete support for self will then go through all the paths around you. Self fed care leads the way for the outer giving/providing that is desired to be done.

Please click the image ------->

The space that can be made in our mental state from the images and sensations that had really burrowed deep under the skin and into our hearts, can be found, alleviated, heard, seen, understood and nurtured back to a healthy well nourished state.

Emotions and chakra energy centers have a connection that is one, the body can store and create frequencies through our muscles and skin and exude that around us to make the auric field that is all around us at all times. So quite literally there are so many that have very strong sensitivity to those in extremely intense emotional states and those in the opposite.

Neither one is better that another. Polarity is a blessing and a true gift of clarity to learn the lesson to cross the bridge of diversity of our light and shadow self. Darkness is a very strong and intimate teaching to our younger/ past versions of our characters that existed in a time that emotions had been invalid.

So here we are, us game changers. The generational curse breakers. The revolutionary change.

Holding space for our anger, expressing that feeling fully. Finding the cause/root of where and when this first takes place.

Replace, replenish, rehabilitate that shattered sense of self in the full devotion of whatever it takes in the most intuitive loving embrace as a mother would be.

Getting grounded will be very beneficial during this process.

Trauma is intense. So those who need to seek medical assistance, please and do so for this moment now is to fully alleviate the suppressed emotions and dark spots that our past can hold. For those who do not have parental support growing up, this is a big warm embrace from the ascended spiritual teachers who guide in another realm of existence.

All of this being told and invited is in the most integrity based space of empathy.

Full transparency and genuine love and peace intertwined in all words.

Overcoming those monumental barriers has been a challenge for most, if not all. So know that you are not alone.

E V E R.

Prayers and meditation, burning the sage, sprinkle the salt around you, drink the natural teas of lavender and chamomile. Dancing, running, any movement to get that stuck energy out!! Breath practice, really dive deep into what that body can surrender to with a devotional breath.

C E L E B R A T E !!!

Anchor in the progress and success in passing through those tender and sensitive spaces, indulge in the inner child or just being the free person always sought out to be.

All of the human senses , touch , taste, smell, seeing, hearing. Each blissed out.

For the full capacity busy bees, this can be in increments and bite sized pieces.

Keeping up with cleaning your home, internal body and the actual place you live will also amp up the clearing. Declutter and remove what is not for the highest good.

So , when all is said and done, let love in and anger go. Feel fully. Release. Replenish.

You have so much potential and greatness that is so exquisite and a pure masterpiece.

Sovereign divine being of light.

I love you.


-Kaylynn Cheyenne


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