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Hello and how ya doin?!

Plenty of movement and removal of the relationships and connections that we once said yes to, at least that is where my dissolvement has been. Lean into learning and developing that deepest sense into self.

When I say we have done some mega and monumental removal, the raw vulnerability has been the saving grace, taking the moments to nourish our minds & body to get back into sync with the soul. The alignment between all the main lines of energy, these wonderful ports of momentum and inspiration development.

The insights, the clear visions, spiritual communication, that full throttle trust, not knowing the outcomes and still remaining intact mentally and to mind what the body is speaking to us so loudly about. The relationship of source and self, remaining in a remembrance of wisdom and experience and to really admire and cherish this life. Human experiences and the importance of what each moment is given that piece of importance and not of any.

Oh yeah,

we pulled some cards too.

('We' being, me and my angels, ancestors, and spirit guides)

Since there has been some good lengthy gaps between since we last spoke on here, with this kind of fluidity, the messages said and told here are for your greatest and highest good, for self and then collective. Surrounded in the protection force field of the medicine wheel, North, South, East, and West. Technically there are 7 directions, when you count in the heavens, the earth, and soul of self. So, with this, know you are intended to be wrapped in a nurturing loving light of surrendered peace and ease, to deepen and develop a more intimate sense of the message and integration of what is being called into awareness.

Wisdom of the Oracle : Colette Baron-Reid

The messages in highlight are the messages read from the creator of the cards and the typed words you see on this blog now are from me, intuitive drawn concepts and ideas that are fed into my channel, then given to you, my soul family.

  1. Taking in the gratitude of what has been completed and fulfilled up unto this point in the journey. Really taking grace in, really understanding your worth up to now, being self-aware. The pinpoints of accomplishments and really being happy with the momentum that got you here. For some funny metaphorical way, the image and similar ways as a body builder/ strength and conditioning there are ways to enhance and bulk muscle and efficiency in shape and to grow in ways the body has not yet reached. Food, sleep, mental health, the commitment, devotion, in all that is to this specific practice of enhancement to be a better version. Take in consideration of moderation. Anything can cause harm in too much/less than the healthy recommended serving. Like those coping tools, previous posts discuss further into that. Transition is serving us for the fact of enhancing our capabilities and skills into a practice that is to benefit and strengthen all of who we can be. Trusting the next steps that are not shown to where or what, in all that is meant for us will be. Changing out of old clothes and stepping into the new version of a brave, confident, brighter self will be here to propel all of what we serve into a space that is apricated and supported. Go into the new phase with appreciation in all lessons and connections that previous expertise taught to bring new insights and perspectives. Departures/break up/dissolving relationships are to be given consideration of what once was considered a decision of, 'yes' this is for me, and at that moment, sure. When taking a look at it all as a whole, there are no 'right'/'wrong' turns on the road, this is an adventure of self-discovery. Give that prop to your mind, if and when there is hinderance/doubts of that could have been better, just know you did your best. The perfectionist will try to adjust that dialogue, you are perfect as you are in all that is. No matter what. You are a beautiful, whole, loved, sovereign being. Setting the flowers down at the experience and paying mindfulness of this is done now, the new opportunity will come swooning into your heart. The high electrical sensations that will course through will have a determined knowing that what is really a serving feel is uplifting and so sound, the foundation is stable, and you can really fly higher than before. No strings attached to that perspective of dimming your light, keeping quiet and comfortable for those around you, express your truth and have that intention of integrity with a kind way of deliverance. Doing no harm to others of course but be valid and strong in moving forward. Go and get yours! Take up space! Be bold and courageous in all things you create in alignment that is passion and gives motivation to succeed into what your heart desires.

To sit in full contentment of where you are now, in the present, acceptance of all that has been and all that creation that has been built through those inspiring moments of movement and transition. Really look in the mirror of how much 'more' you have developed, if you see 'less than' please observe in neutral/nonjudgement as why that part of your mind is thinking that is true. All that you have done and has been to further benefit your growth and understanding, when there is fear, sadness, and anger those emotions are there to guide us to heal and recalibrate the new thought/concept of what to adjust and change to be the 'more' benefited version of ourselves. Closure is a huge place to take inventory of the mental and emotional moves that have taken place in those old agreements and places we tried to fit our big ass energy into. At the end of it all in every connection that was dissolved and broken off, writing/speaking out of what was left unsaid will alleviate the air a little more in the mental and emotional spaces. Completion of the loose ends and fully embracing the end of that past will access the path that is being desired, so really be transparent and honest here. You are the only one dealing the BS and messin' around with those fine details, so the more forward you are with that , then the better the removal of any relationship cord. The finishing up of any undone tasks here can be with creations/projects that were left open and are being invited to complete and close up to begin the new inspiring ideas and concepts that are ready to be ushered into this next step of our transitional time. Coming up into the new big version of self is to release that older/past part of self that held a grip on people, places, things that were there as a crutch, the invitation is to stand in a solid authority on the decision to better and enhance self for the greatest good. To eliminate the illusions and thoughts that are not true are to restate the story and the experiences and to see the 3 parts of it, their truth, yours, and the actual truth of what happened. Relinquish that need to know and control, to have the wisdom to let go and let God. Developing trust with source/creator/God is a self-development key to get into strong practice, where and when did you trust/mis trust your decisions to then lead into the choices with and of others that connect with you. Self-healing will then lead into society and community healing with choices and motivating movements. Knowing yourself, trusting, listening, caring, stabilizing, understanding. The entire map is in your hands.


Priority, goals, lists of 'to do', all the things of once what was and what is to be, the invite is to embrace the now. All of the constraints of time dissolved and removed, nothing holding us back from where and what we can do and achieve. Taking a deep look into what is right here and now in this present moment. Letting go of the agenda, that expectation of what happens when, that is on spirit. Fully. When I say, we do not have that control, ohhh wow, what magic that can unfold once embracing that concept. Let go , let GOD! Where are those expectations and requirements coming from, really look at the mind monkeys and the tapes on repeat in your mind, what is the repeating song, the memory, who did that concept come from 1st? Seeing and understanding that part of accepting where and who you are in this moment is the 3rd eye and the seeing of the greater and grand picture of everything is temporary and you get to change your choices and make decisions that are for the support of yourself wellbeing. Any person you allow and agree to take that peace and harmony out of your alignment of the benefit of the mind, body, and soul, just know you are responsible to excavate and remove that person, place/thing that has disturbed and caused havoc in your inner temple. Staying in that high spirit of positivity and being aware of what is negative, there are choices to be made, human mind and ego can really try to take over the soul and flow of source. Mindful practices and devotion to what commitments that are for enlightening and uplifting the spirit can be obstruction to many who do not practice as you do. Those are grown choices, adults/ conscious aware people that have been set off from your bright and free energetic choices and belonging to a greater being other than human consciousness. Changing the caliber and frequencies that can raise the vibes that enhance the aura and the energetic momentums into the spiritual realm will disturb the demons and darkness that humanity is currently eradicating. The closer you are with self and source, the less that noise from the outer world will affect your mind, body and soul. Commitment, devotion, loyalty, authority, strength, endurance, stability, all that overflow of all that serves the highest and greatest good will be from what you serve self. You gotta make that daily choice, those decisions to make that happen, every morning before you start your day, the mid-day check in, the closing night gratitude and surrendered space to source. This relationship will prosper, and flourish in ways the brain will never comprehend, but your body can feel this, the more your senses and receptivity develop, the eb and flow will become so clear. Momentum is faster and the efficiency to flourish in this world will be clear. Just know this can happen now, not sad that it didn't happen yesterday or planning for tomorrow. Take ownership and responsibility of what is in your hands to change and move out and into your daily practice.

What a great channel for all of the ones who are devoting themselves to the practice and getting work done within, creations, self-development, trusting and letting spirit and positivity take up space. Really is a wonderful and playful enjoyment of everyday moments, when we allow them to exist in our world of our reality. Stay Genuine & Authentic.

No more faking to make it.

Real deal.

Get it now.

Do it.

Live it.

Breathe it.

What is it?

Outline who you are and what life can be, what is holding you back, why, and are you able to change it if that does not serve?

No more people pleasing.

At least, that's what my channel is stating.

Keep it real folks.

Love you,


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