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Love you a lil more

Hello and good day to all of you gorgeous soul tribe !!

Since the last time we spoke , the movements and relationships between self and others have either been elevated or changed by dissolving.

For what it is worth ,

Some insight on the journey of planet movements in this week's astrology makes more sense to who and what is being changed.( click on the highlighted word and that will send you to the reading)

For the collective consciousness Oracle card pull for today, is to see into ourselves and then to all around us in humanity.

Click on the image for the book message of the card interpretation.

  1. Find the balance

Finding the balance between your work, rest and playtime and you will have more energy, harmony and productivity in your life. Take a Power Nap.

Balance is crucial for any relationship, to get the giving you have to your own wellbeing will feed whom ever you are around. Replenishment of the mind, body, & soul speak volumes.

Nurturing that comes into your life starts from the beginning, when we zoom out and can see the aspects of life that can be more in tune and focused on what genuinely matters most in what fulfillment is to you. Define what those qualities are and you being the person that does this now. To whom ever this was to you then, your future self will be stronger with this. Only by balancing the present/current situations that you are going through.

The tools that regulate the mind to clear up, from what is taught in my experience is breath work in the physical to then get the thoughts flowing on the lungs and muscles all in the tense to then release into ease. Even mindful movements, stretching, yoga , nature walks, even fetal position. To encourage and embrace your most vulnerable thoughts 💭 and emotions in the body.

The most important is to have patience with the movement or stillness that is being invited, once that communication is clear with self. The harmony becomes more clear with each moment.

2. Nature signs

Be receptive to the subtle messages from nature as you go about your day. Nature talks to us continuously. We need only to open our hearts and mind.

Mother Gaia is the most rejuvenating and powerful source of life force energy for us.

Knowing the signs of each animal and plants can give wonderful insight into how we can surrender. Just be. Let the animals live around you and find the parallels between your journey and what they are teaching you.

3.Tree wisdom

This tree dryad will help you navigate through your current situation. Her flute can reveal insights and answers through the sounds it makes.

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