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It's been a while, since we've talked/blogged to each other. Missed you. I'm going through some reconstruction work within and with the heart/soul, mind and body. Alignment takes up space and deserves full attention.

So with that being said, here is a reading most resent for you and the higher self. If this is not vibing/ resonating with you, then I would say discernible advice and pass on. Kindly of course.

So please click the link for the 5 remaining runes for this Oracle reading.

Moral of the story , is rest and replenishment.

Integration with all information gathered from the lessons learned.

Trust in the timing and process of divine /source/ creator /God. The work you have invested into is coming into fruition.

Giving gratitude will give great rewards for your emotional wellbeing and physical gifts that you intent for.

And of course


Remember to live with joy and laughter, that anchors in the work of all this emotional movement and change internally.

Cheers to you, deeply and sincerely in the best way you can for only your own enjoyment of love and pure compassion.

Acknowledging the vast depths of your journey shown in the resilience of that warrior heart will be the courage pins you've earned during battle.

Not becoming of that of what once was, embracing who now is.

The naked phase and transition from being/ ego/ identities latched on to who was there before.

Being gentle and aware of the tendencies/ coping mechanisms will help with replacing those with healthy habits.


Highly recommend the book "atomic habits" by : James clear.

Also , please drink water, sleep, stay still for your body to catch up. This feminine energy is nourishing and nurturing by all means necessary, in any form that serves your highest purpose/ good.

With love ,


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