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Here and now

Welcome, welcome!

So pleased to be here with you at this very moment, in the most transparent way this exact feeling of uplifted gratitude in our connection with this read.

The focus on that, the way that feels, what the heart and soul really get to express.

Perception of the present.

With looking at each part of the function of our own human senses, the emotion is the compass. Guiding and leading to disclose any inner essence of what gives purpose.

Any challenges that may come to you, just know that it will get easier. The way to figure it out, the problem, has many solutions, seeing from another perspective will most definitely help.

Inner peace is a simple state of being, fully and authentically for all that is calling from the soul. Listening to the call, following the heart, seeing the truth of the situation, in every perception of all involved. Releasing and letting go, feeling that sense of pure freedom.

You know the link is

attached to the highlighted word.

The image, that I have crafted next to this->

Also has a link attached to it, further diving into deeper details of what this message means. In the interpretation that was channeled to me, just before typing this.

In a meditative and surrendered state of peace to be able to listen to the words, see the image of my perception of expressing in my point of view, of what exactly this message is.

The point of telling all of the nitty gritty in what process this came through for my own insight, is to encourage the same if desired on your own journey.

All of us have the capability to contact and communicate with the higher realms of being, that are not seen by the naked eye, for some people, they can be seen. Just depends on what clair they have.


The creation of now is knowing you are the maker.

Staying present is simple, yet challenging to perform.

Willingness to put down the past, like depression, and let go of any future worries, like anxiety. The correlation and similarities that both share is the solution of being in the feels and vibes that are right in front of our face, currently, now, in the.......


Persistent expression will get this sign of direction clearly in view of what you are meant to hear, see, feel, taste, or smell that is soul led into a better understanding of purpose. Your desires, dreams, imagination, all that sets the soul on fire is in this upleveling.

Perception of each challenge is a blessing to give clarity. So, exactly, all that we see, any experience is validated. Any other point of view, any opinion, other chatter that is not your own. Have Z E R O qualifications to control any of your choices.

It takes a lot of bravery and courage to C H A N G E , no longer tolerating what holds back the truth. The great unveiling. So this is the healing that is really brought through to gain inner peace, emotionally and mentally, through the body.

Breath, sound, and movement is the way energy moves.

Speaking up, expressing any and all emotions, verbally and any sound that is called for, to really open up what the body has to release. Throat chakra is what will be the focus, the color blue, eating foods and wearing the color can aid and enhance those intentions of gaining clarity.

The Spirit animal oracle cards from Colette Baron Reid called to me as well, days prior to sharing this with you. The image has the message to the card.

Self expression is found in the past versions of our ego, persona, those characters that we formed back then. To heal is to feel.


Going back to the inner child/younger versions of yourself and letting them speak, the way they would back at that point. So the current, now, present part of yourself can support and validate all of what needed to be spoken.

Seeing exactly who that person was, for whatever expression that was, showing the true colors, letting that light shine, indulge them, whether that be a toy, coloring books, musical interest, tasting that one delectable food, A N Y T H I N G!






The most unique divine sovereignty in all that simply is.

Even that term, unique, that can be whatever makes that difference in you.

Ditching the labels and stigma of what trends are, dressing, speaking, being a certain way.

Your truth, is only yours, the path you walk, no one has walked in the same shoes, having the same emotions. That is all you baby. So embrace that. Unique pair of lenses, the most imperfect perfection of perception. Accepting what you see is valid. You are.

No matter who says what, you matter.

Power of choice, that is the authority only you can have. To be in the most open state, surrendering to the heart, listening to the mind, finding the balance.

Sweet surrender is staying in a receptive place to accept what the mind and body need to say and express, allowing the soul to come through and make all choices intuitively.

Dimming down the noise, anything that is not from self.

Being in unison with the sound of your own voice.

Authority to call your own shots.

Confident and yet humble in all the gifts you share, can and will be able to once clarity is fully set in once the healing starts.

Transparency will get the layout, blueprint, outline of the dream easier to claim.

Hearing & seeing the clear present will make open space for the dream to take that space.

Decisive intentions will make what is tolerated dissipate, since any other belief that is not in integrity and love will dissolve along with those opinions that are not your concern.

Staying in our lane is clear inner based wholehearted moves to assure the motives in the intentions of the whole heart and soul come into being.

Be the person that you set out to be, what traits that have been craved to become in you.

That person....

who are they?

What do they wear? Walk? Talk, feel, see, hear?

Right now, decide, is that the person you are?

If not, why?

What is stopping you?

Evaluate all circumstances, and say " why not?", because this is where you can change that.

Patience is really invited and encouraged for the new mindset and intentional living, the divine timing is trusting, releasing the grip of control the web is being woven.

So. W A I T.

All assured that it is coming and is already yours.

Lose all attachments.

Outcomes, the how's, the details of delivery.

Staying here and now, in what our body and mind is telling about the emotions and when we express those will keep our feet on the path that we choose. You get to change that, again and again. Just stay in your own path, in your own lane, no one else, but your own choices and healing with all the feelings that follow.

Focusing on that healing and to be really clear on what we carry and only what is our own responsibilities that are make only for you , this is where we evaluate & excavate.

Cost of this transition....

All old versions of thinking and beliefs are the exact exchange of your future self. Letting go.

O L D patterns


N E W future

Letting in, open exposure to the awareness to give light to anything that needs to be released. Let go of the control of how the details should go and controlling an outcome, let what be and flow with it.

Soul purpose freedom is the most liberating confidence that can pour in from all senses of true and inner peace, authentic and genuine living.

The story of this life, get to be happy.

So be it.

Cheers 🎉

Love your soul sister,

💙🤍💙🤍Kaylynn 💙🤍 💙🤍

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