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Golden Hour

Updated: Jan 15

Hey and hello to you , with all and every aspect of who you are and what you bring to this table, you are valid here, safe, heard, seen, and accepted.

Simple and yet to the point of the message given to share with you.

We resonate on some level, if this message rings your bell and is calling to you, then absorb and integrate all the juicy knowledge and details the experience can give. Some parts might not, totally fine and encouraged to leave behind and walk on.

Just for the easy reason of discernment, acceptance and denying all that is meant for you and for that moment. The journey of life can be very diverse and different, but in this blog, we are in unity and coming together. Forming a community in transparent emotions, fast and strong light language communication, all the human elements of this life and spiritual transcendence of the other realms of life.

(Click the image and takes you to the link from the cards pulled)

We are in a new age, fresh perspective, infusion of vision with heavy encouragement of inspiration, change and be changed, reborn from the ashes, making remarkable progress in our choices. Yes, whether that be big or small, a decision is a decision regardless of what you sense, embrace the journey you have made and all the growth thus far.

The same cards that were used for the inspired image is the first message for this post:

"Crush your goals"

"The question of your worthiness is not on the table at all. You know what you want. Embrace that and stand up for it without huffing the spray paint that everyone else is huffing.

-Heather Havrilesky

In the image you see there are very basic outlines of simple shapes, above it are abstract colorful lines that have no proper structure as the ones below. We are being encouraged to step into a balance of as above so below.If that is a new concept that you've heard, please look that up.When we embraced our goals and aspirations it's accepting what we think we deserve at that time, that's why self-development is so crucial.for the fact that you have limitlessness and it takes a certain clarity of the mind to step away from what other hallucinogenic things are being distracted for the mind that other people choose to pick up, so step away from that paint that everyone is huffing is that abstract thought.

Something so incredibly transparent and honest about my own journey, is of the last two weeks have been light language and just sharing whatever crystalline knowledge I pertain to share with my soul community and to just embrace whatever form that comes in is very bizarre and new to a lot of people,that are unsure and scared of the unknown,knowing yourself too that degree and worth the share,believing in yourself and accepting all of your beautiful designs of what composes you,knowing that you're supported at all cost, makes the share so much easier. The ones who get it get it.

Those links will show the recent channeled messages and any media to come connect and share ideas with, also where I am facilitating physically for any lightbody activations 👽

The extraterrestrials are here to help and I am embodying what that means from me to you.

The next Oracle card message is from Don Miguel Ruiz, the four agreements. From the toll tech wisdom.

"don't take anything personally, release self-judgment:

even the opinions you have about yourself are not necessarily true; therefore, you don't need to take whatever you hear in your own mind personally."

For the past 4 days there have been big schumann-resonance reports of blackouts and then integrating, being in the mind and really understanding the aspect that not to hold on to things that really don't serve you, that's the lack mentality. Judgment,But it's a wonderful place to heal and to embrace what can change.accepting yourself and denying the lies that are trying to get you to believe something about who you are, even though your soul and your heart tell you through your senses.

The final Oracle card pulling for today is from Colette Baron Reid, the spirit animal Oracle.

Quite a few came out, seven cards were dropped out of the deck.

When a card is reversed that means that it is emphasized underlying and bold so you can be encouraged and welcomed intensely from the universe.

  1. Eagle spirit : spirit has your back

  2. Hawk reversed,

  3. Stag reversed,

  4. Vulture, Reversed,

  5. Groundhog Spirit :time to let go

  6. Flamingo Reversed,

  7. Wasp Reversed,

New changes, new life force energy, new creations, new embrace of who and what you are and whatever phase, just show up.

This is the trust fall into spirits arms.

This gets to be exciting, the moment right now is to be in a cocoon and stillness so you can hear your own voice in the spiritual term, so you're able to set space aside for yourself to be the creative and to entice the muse that gives all inspiration to whatever art you are creating.

Highly recommended if you are in the Grayslake area, come check out some crystals and sound bowl, even miniature drums to have tools to assist you during this transformative infusion. We can have metaphysical talk, literally as of Wednesday.

With so much love and support for you at this time, as my favorite podcasting for star seeds, "activations with JJ, i am you and you are me".

We are one.


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