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Forces of Nature

Hello and welcome!

This wonderful place to find a peaceful spot, at least that is the intention. So please, if possible find a nice chill environment and attempt the most surrendered and eased state of being. Just for the simple purpose of absorbing the light and message, brought to you by a co creation with spirit and yours truly.

Kay 😄

Free falling, how does that concept feel?

Uneasy? Scary? Doubtful?

Well, tbh (to be honest) that was the cusp of the start of the soul seeking that was being invited of my own journey. Trust was the key into being sure about my own security to be able to do just that. Physically sensing the changes and really having to trust my body, made the soul more sure and definite with signals and signs that change was needed.

Really giving a new perspective of needs, desires, and shifting into a change that the mind with the body AND the soul had to be in full harmony with.

What does the forces of nature have to do with this?

Funny you ask, this is our physical composition that is literally one with nature. Yup, the wilderness is a HUGE guidance in our own senses with our own nature.

Just as the elements show us with weather, animals, plants, all of the natural environment on this planet. Aka Mama gaia.

Sooooo , as many of you know the oracle guidance is a message of connection to common factors of current and new opportunities that can aid and support you in changes to come or what is invited to adjust to get deeply aligned with your inner soul and higher self to be in a purpose filled life.

Starseed Oracle from Rebecca Campbell and Art by Danielle noel , the 2 cards that came forward for this particular post and channeled message is "Trust the timing" & "Jump In", with the music aid of this link here.

Inspiration images cross my path left and right with art that is just so connected to my inner light and fluorescent radiance that is only meant to be shared. Click on the image = get the oracle meaning.

The direct link will take you to the card creator's meaning, this is the intuitive channel that pulses through my own perception of expression.

"Trust the wave you came in on. Time is not running out." On the aspect of the free fall and really trusting of self and the divine timing that is laced in between every instance. Our brains can create so much concern and rush to find a solution, many survivor modes have a self curated ego from past trauma. Then create a problem to make the mind right, when in all truth, the heart is the guidance.

This is natural, especially with conditioning, very deep psychological programming.


DO. NOT. RUSH. These moments to get to consciousness and spiritual oneness is a moment by moment process, each breath, just having faith in your journey and knowing you are supported. God/creator/source has creation in all that is around us, we are birthed from the same source and are creators. So we can change our reality, but that beautiful surrender that was invited at the start of this , is the same calling for the soul being seen in the process.

Learning those lessons, of our truest form of reflection, in the mirror, in the mind, what are those words? Beliefs? Labels/ Stigmas?

What matters is taking consideration of all physical matters, in a calming technique of breath, tapping, walking, movement, moving the energy that is blocked in the body.

The process will take time, adjust accordingly, to each need.









Trust this.

Be one with all of what comes forward.

Emotions and physical senses are the indicators of what to focus on in the nature of your divine being. To then fully enjoy what this life can truly be in the human experience.

To find the joy, is to trust in the process, what comes up and is opposite of the joy, love, freedom. Journal all of the thoughts, feelings, sensations, sit with all of this in a accepting and understanding to that inner child. The awakening will happen.

Fear is normal for the brain and body to have, once upon a time we had instinct to defend when the body sensed danger or something scary at a very young stage. Once we recognize what the first instance is, or what was a factor of contributing that fear we can dissect every single piece.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. Illusions. Fallacy. Lies. Fake.

Follow the love, the heart, the intuitive spot in your innate nature of flowing with what "rings your bell" , as abraham hicks says.

When you can trust fall into the unknown, trust the timing, in literally every single aspect of your day, in each moment, you will get that evidence that the physical brain needs to have in front of your face. Mostly that validation is doubt from a younger aspect as well. Trust you, then you will have a very profound support in the divine timing and trusting all is literally working out for you, not against. Lack mindset.

An entirely different convo.

Now to J U M P IN 🏊

Yes, the water is fine!!

More than that actually, pure magic ✨

Flowing with your inner desire, intuition, gut instinct of what brings bliss is all that is ease.

Really let the mind go, and be one with your heart for a quick min.

The art has the card message from the creator. "Adventure. Say yes to change. Galactic Andromedan energy."

Freedom is the sacred invite.

When, where, who, what and ( forget the how ) to get there.

Context clues.

When you do what you want , is there trouble to follow?

In the most integrity based space, no harm on anyone or any living creature, what is stopping you? Who?

Journaling the obligations and responsibilities you have may clear the lenses of perception of what is actually yours to carry, and what is being invited to return back to sender with love and light.

When we get crystal clear our essence of our soul can lead us to chances, opportunities that are new, inviting that change. Taking the leap of faith. Doing the damn thing!

You get to be happy.

You deserve







Cut the cords, loosen the grip of control, diminish the what if monkey thoughts, just trust and believe in yourself. Easier said than done, I know. From a personal perspective of inner battles and war, you can love and restore all the broken mindset parts that played in the games of fighting your own mind. Let the logic go out the window, really falling into imagination and possibilities that seem so out of this world.

Those intentions of imagination and inspiration can create a reality around you like you would not believe!! The brain is fickle when allowed to play tricks. Be level headed, allow your heart to drive the human body car for once. Trust me, its fun!

Adventures, exploring, excitement, pure bliss follows when you have a crystal clear understanding that nothing is permanent and we get to be spontaneous.


The tough times are there for navigation. Lighthouse so to speak when you have those storms. You , yes you, are a pure being of light, in the most loving sense, a source of inspiration to share that radiance. When we all join together, we can make a festival of lights.

In this we can consider, when are we calm during the storm, and invited to see how this can be within us in the most chaotic situations. The stability we ground our energy with is a huge mother nature, key practice.

Turning RED. The disney film. A perfect example of eruption of anger and heightened emotions, to get calm and back into a harmonious balance of peace is to find the freedom.

Set yourself free inside the mind, throughout the senses of the body, what is called and being invited to get nurtured back to a stable state?

Take it from me, the body will indicate when and where these flare ups need your immediate attention. PTSD is a well know trigger for me, and now having such deep gratitude for the lessons from the younger self, I know now the steps and tools to use to calm the body back into a loving peaceful state. Mental clarity and justification of truth in this will lessen the grip of panic and any survival mode ego techniques you got as a younger version of yourself.

This invite of this last message is to dissolve the connections and cords that hold you back in any way to enjoy this life, in all moments, to swim in a pool of bliss and sensual pleasures.

Let the forces of nature guide you.

Ask for help when you need it.

Get your soul tribe together.

You have the support all around you.

Trust the timing. Trust the process.

Trust yourself.

Have fun, enjoy the adventures!!

See you on the other side 😉

( we have cookies 🍪 )

Love your divine soul sister,

🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙Kaylynn 🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙

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