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Daily Oracle card reading

From the rose Oracle, by Rebecca Campbell:

I'm clicking the highlighted. It will tell you the creators message.

This is a reading done intuitively from my own channel of connection through the angels, ancestors and spirit guides.

1. Release the pedals: transformation. Death in rebirth. Shedding. All change.

Letting go of control is a surrendering process in the divine feminine. This week is in big emphasis of trusting the process. If that is a block, this is an internal one on one work in progress.when we flow and go with the wind, that is allowing nature to take its course, and to allow whatever outcome to be.

The new beginning is going to cost the past, allowing that to be let go and released is the new space that can hold the elevated consciousness of what is for our greatest good. Let the rose be a divine blossom of love and assurance that will support you in the possible of what emotions are going to come through.

The crystal behind the card is lemon calcite:

introspection and personal development that helps you identify the aspects of your life that you must work on to achieve your goals. Lemon Calcite is a very powerful energy cleanser that combats any lack of productivity by enhancing inner drive, focus, determination and self-confidence. This stone is ideal for students, as it develops the ability to learn and memorize quickly, and it promotes a good work ethic.

2. Temple of the Rose 🌹: ancient power. Expression. Activation. Scarlet codes.

The sacred honor that goes into the temple, is to really pay due diligence to giving gratitude of all that is in the place of transparency and authenticity. Getting activations, downloads, new insight is of inspiration and ideas through spirit. When we embody this, this is the receptive part of our Soul. We allow our guard to be down and to fully open up to what is serving us. Sometimes our past can go into survival mode and be triggered, creating dispute and rebuttal. This can be uncomfortable for most that have been givers, it's time to really see where self-worth is, Finding the source of what is blocking you from receiving all the things that you deserve and more.

The crystal behind this card is black tourmaline:

talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces.

3. The holy Grail: stop the endless searching. inner quest.

The inner Quest is a one on one process. No one else, just you and spirit/creator/source. when we search for some thing outside of ourselves, that is a lack of fulfillment, internally of a need that usually stems from beginning, at birth, or a younger version of you and your timeline. All the answers that you are seeking are within your interbeing, allowing and all the things that are in the spiritual world to communicate with you, is hearing you first.

This is the balance of the mind, body and soul in unison. Taking that synergy and really taking accountability and ownership of what you are 100% accountable for, and placing forgiveness in places of torment or hardship, that is the best that they could do at that time with what they had. For the parties that you involved yourself with, as well as yourself. Keeping the solitude is very important, that is going to be your intuitive channel of the energy that you are a conduit for. once you are in full service, that is how your day is going to be, with the intention of how you may be of service for the greatest good for Self and then collective.

The crystal behind the last card blue apetite :

helps with spiritual attunement.

Extremely helpful to assist you to achieve deeper meditation and will stimulate the growth of clairvoyance or psychic visions.

All of these cards are here to really embrace a new version of reality in your internal world that will then create the external world, connect yourself wisely.

We all have a practice of Care, if there are any issues or environments, anything at all that is reframing you of freedom and authentic transparency, those are going to be the first initiating places to really dissolve and transmute.

Letting go.

We have a sacred solitude within our own temple of our goddess, this is honoring the nurturing and the nutrition value of what our body is trying to communicate to us. Taking vitamins is one thing, but feeding your mind and your soul, through the body as a communication tool, you will find the greater purpose of life that you are here to experience and share with everyone around you.

You are the holy Grail.

When you think of this concept, your divinity and sovereignty within source, all the things that are in creation you are.

We are creators, artist, community, sharing a common pulse of life.

Not having a structure is a place of surrendered trust, for the ones who've never had structure and are learning to in place this as a daily practice of healthy living, try to be as patient as possible and extremely kind to your mind.

Anything in excess or in extreme lessened amounts, can be harmful.

Allowing harmony and balance to really be in every aspect of life choices is really important.

If you need any Brain food, please look into the Spotify premium audiobooks on my playlist.

With love,

Your soul Sister


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