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Daily collective Oracle

Hello my friend,

So happy we are here to join and share our thoughts and experiences together in Oracle and channeled messages from source.

Spirit has been subtle and powerful, so if this resonates/ rings your bell in any manner, this is for you. If not, then just pass it on. The message is from 2 different sources of cards.

  1. Mindfulness ( kindness, awareness, gratitude, & self care )

  2. Don Miguel Ruiz "The four agreements"

3 cards from each deck and special mentions to each energy center in our mind , body and soul.

For the greatest good of self and all of humanity this is to be given with the best intention with love and support for growth and expansion.

Starting with mindfulness deck:

Top left, gratitude:

Write a reverse bucket list.

Rather than writing down all of the things you hope to do, instead write down the list of all you have achieved. That can make you feel proud. Bask in the pride of your experiences and accomplishments. Take a moment to feel thankful for them.

Middle, gratitude:

Create a gratitude bedtime ritual by writing a list of at least five things for which you are grateful for. For example, laughter with friends, a wonderful meal, a sunny day, etc. If you cultivate this practice daily, you will probably start recognizing moments of gratitude as they occur throughout the day. This intern will help you establish a practice of ongoing gratitude.

Gratitude is believed to have many physiological and psychological benefits,

Such as higher levels of happiness, better sleep, improved, resilience, increase, mindfulness, and less stress.

Last card on the left bottom, self care:

Saturday night at home. self-care is about knowing when your resources are running low and giving yourself the time and space to recharge. Staying in and having some alone time is not selfish, it is self preservation. In fact, looking after ourselves means, we have more energy for others. So when guilt sets in, and you are feeling drained, be kind and allow yourself to stay at home. Here are some things you can do instead of going out:

Binge watch your favorite show

give yourself a Mani Pedi/long shower/ spa

Listen to your favorite music

Listen to tag talks or any podcast that inspire you

Get into your comfiest clothes

Light a scented candle, or incense, or a candle

Apply a facemask, skin care, exfoliation

do some journaling

Get crafty, paint, or color, anything that is inspiring to your inner artist

Next deck, Don Miguel Ruiz

Top right, always do your best:

Stay in the present moment.

Keep your attention on today, and stay in the present moment. This is the beginning of a new understanding. A new dream.

Middle, be impeccable with your word:

Manifest your true intentions.

Regardless of what your language is that you speak, your intentional manifest through the word. What you dream, what you feel, and what you really are will be manifested through the word.

Last card, be impeccable with your word:

create a beautiful dream.

Your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. Impeccability of the word only creates beauty, love, & heaven on earth.

6 cards total, definitely devote and commitment to your own well being at this time for this can make those dreams come into existence.

Taking inspirational messy action,trust the process and the intention of intuition.

You got this!

Love your soul sister ,

💝Kaylynn ♥️

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