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Collective Oracle card pull

Hello hello 👋🏽

Beautiful new day for a bright and encouraging energetic reading. We are checking in and welcoming all who are here reading to surrender into the message that has been delivered by spirit to invite us to deepen the consciousness of self development and alignment.

Cards are from angels and ancestors by Kyle Gray. ( highlighted text is the book messages for the cards)

Below is intuitive channeled information from my own experience with spirit.

1st ( past situation / release )

Mirror Guardian: take time to reflect

When we take time to reflect, this is going into a state of peace and complete silence, with all that is around us in terms of what is distracting from our own thought and feeling complex. In the universe, we are an exact replica of the infinite possibilities of creation, The sovereign divinity of our being in our soul. The aspect of letting our higher self call the shots, each decision made with authority and confidence in all that is an eight in our nature and DNA. With great belief systems, phrases and sentences we are creating our reality that is before us.

The understanding of the path that we have chosen is taking complete responsibility over all of our choices, diving into what is an absolute and the absolute no. Is there a complete surrender into trusting our internal guidance system?

In all that we interact with, there is an interference with our inner world, whether that be the mind, body, and soul. Excavating all the parts and pieces that might not be as sustainable and supportive as once before.

When we speak our truth, allowing ourselves to express our emotion and creation is the fluidity of the channel that is inspiration and new ideas developed by our spiritual channel of all that is serving us in the angels, ancestors, and all spirit guides that are helping us for the greatest and highest good.

Allowing to receive all the overflow of what is serving you, whether it be a challenge or ease, regardless, there will be growth and expansion. Learning and developing, teaching and guiding, there are so many aspects and perspectives of how to get it done. Integration of receiving the messaging of the lesson and blessing, there is gratitude to be had in either direction.

Taking deep appreciation into the reflection of who you are in the most transparent and vulnerable state, the acceptance and honor to your sacred temple of your body and vessel, that is the compass of your direction. in whatever way your compass points, in the sacred Medicine wheel there is honor in each space, excepting yourself in whatever states is vital.

2nd (present obstacle/ embody )

Peacekeeper: let go of the need to be right

Relinquishing control, loosening the grip and letting go. The Buffalo represents the west on the Medicine wheel.

“Sage is used to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying. It can be used to purify sacred items such as eagle feathers and pipes. A person can put a small amount of sage in a medicine pouch to ensure personal and spiritual safety. Sage is used for purification, cleansing, wisdom, and healing. Sage is known as the “Womens Medicine”

Archangel Gabriel assists with this direction , Watching over children, tapping into one's creativity, clear communication.

When we are fully addressing what issues are in our control and what isn’t, the serenity prayer helps grant permission to dissolve any connections to any and all things that are around us that are creating intense restrictions.

In confinement with certain agreements or disagreements, forgiving is really important for your inner peace. Not for the other person, best for your own individual journey.

This doesn’t mean to forget, there is truth in all of what has happened in aspects of how you were able to develop into a stronger and more enhanced version of yourself.

The direction of the west is also the life phase of the adult, maturity, the emotional stance of developing the sense of letting go of what is not serving is to create a place of devoting a committed relationship with yourself that is sustaining integrity, and really making decisions out of a loving space.

When there is a lack of trust, there is a fixation on control, and the flow is diminished with whatever comes, and whatever may happen, That to just be. Micromanaging and trying to have perfection over every single detail, is confining and constricting the information of what is in a surrender channel inspiration through spirit.

Looking to nature for inspiration and motivation, being one with all that is free and open, that receptivity is the aspect of what information and knowledge that can develop when we zoom out and look at the big picture of everything. This type of understanding is the pineal gland and 3rd eye.

When deep cellular restoration and healing comes through, there can be a very intense experience, giving grace to yourself and neutrality, while there is turbulence, allowing anything to process through you, giving time and space to devote a sacred space for processing, following through with agreements that you have made with yourself, are a few steps that were very useful in my own journey. The more you trust yourself, the deeper than tuition, the more authoritative decisions Are easily made. The fluidity will come, the more we are able to surrender to the peace and ease of silence.

Were able to hear our voice, see the visions and see all the connections and chords of who, what, where, when , and why. Get to the context of the story. Of your own life.

3rd (future guidance/ action )

Arrow: Surround yourself with protected energy.

The arrow that is pointing true North, is in the polarity form of embracing the truest and most transparent aspect of your soul. Exposing that can take a lot of vulnerability, with courage and assurance this can be done with power and protection. The goddess Hathor & Archangel Micheal are wonderful, higher, spiritual guides to assist in releasing the defense mechanism, that survival mode complex is embedded into our physical and mental systems in our every day life. remembering that we are human, there are a lot of internal mind tapes that are playing over and over, the script that we have heard time and time again. This is the restructure of our mind and really establishing a calm reassurance of safety in our body. This is a deep root recalibration.

In the chakra system we can see the direct connection to where we are storing a lot of the past, sometimes worrying about the future, regardless of where you are in the journey, supporting yourself is really important and vital to the well-being of healing these deep wounds. The connection can be from this present time, or a past life and a karmic life cycle that needs to be broken, elevating and excavating our a transmutation process. The alchemy of changing the chemical components in the hormones of your body, the boost of serotonin and really taking ownership of accountability and commitment to what is establishing healthy lifestyle, and behavioral mannerisms.

This is a time for developing deeper into the senses of self, taking yourself away from anything that isn’t in your own realm. Aka staying in your lane.

With this,

I give the deepest gratitude and honor to the Service that I am here to provide in all aspects of transparency and authenticity.

Feel free to reach out for any services and accommodations that I could assist you with, if not, I send great love and support in these times of transition. Letting the light infuse, the deepest sense of your DNA and your nervous system, to recalibrate your entire existence to the highest good of yourself and then as well as collective/humanity.


Kaylynn 💖

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