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Celestial emerald

hello hello,

Technology is really fighting us today lol.

I'm gonna post these card readings and see where it takes us.

this is a downloaded light language and I'm pulling from the Hungarian divinity cards.

When the cards are reversed, this is an emphasized attention mark from the universe/ creator /source.

  1. Malady: The card is in reverse and emphasized to be in a surrendered receptive state, if this is a calling to lay down or be in stillness. So be it.

  2. Thief:The card is in reverse and emphasized to stay in your power, and to be aware of any illusions. When you have this protection bound, and in place, there is an assurance that you put into the guides of all things that are spiritual and supporting for your highest good. so nothing is happening to you, it's for you, and to elevate and expand.

  3. Fortune: The overflow of all things good getting greater, allowing yourself to feel worthy and enough to receive all that is truly giving all fulfillment. Allowing the overflow of euphoric sensual bliss, and truly enjoying the moments that are given to you.

These readings(if you click on the word readings, it will send you to book your session)

The Reiki and light language that is infused in every word, and every experience that I am sharing with you right now, is elevating for all involved.

The work is a full integrity and pure authenticity, just having that assurance is going to really amplify your inner dialogue of thoughts and script that are in your mind.

As a guide,

I cannot heal you or fix you. That is all ownership and responsibility for your own actions.

The work and energy that goes into this will truly benefit tenfold, it doesn't change if it doesn't change. Your past will cost you your future, let go.

This is relinquishing control, and the grip of having all things figured out, it's expecting the unexpected, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Knowing that this is for the highest good.

When we all come together in a community, there is such wonderful clarity on the different aspects of experiences in this life. Those old belief systems, especially the core beliefs, they were embedded to hold power over your free will. You get to choose, every single day, with anyone, choosing yourself will help, the aspect of choosing your tribe.

So be wise in this moment, allow your inner being of the soul to be seen. At least with the people who support and love you unconditionally.

If this is changing your seat at a new table,

Then, so be it. Big energy recognizes big energy, and when you can feel that, you'll know.

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