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Calling back our power

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Welcome in,

Happy for you to join ! I have pulled cards for the message of what is being invited and called forward. I

f this does not ring your bell, it is purely to be dismissed or moved on.

As you can see, this is a very forward card pull.

There's no book involved and no behind meaning from the artist and illustrator of these oracle cards.

Just the intuitive lead Descriptions, through my perception of all of my own expression.

The number 21 for the first card, and it is called exposing revealed. With the eye in the center it is wide open and traced in gold lines. The pupil has a human in fetal position, as a newborn. Around the open eye is a vibrant golden color, meshed with blues and purples, splashed with green and bits of orange, almost like watercolor blend. Stars in burst above, and below, some on the sides, leading to the top. The background has codes, numbers in bedded with the white of the eye, connecting to the people and the iris. For seeing the purpose of all that has been born into the new, developing the understanding of then, and now. Forming into the new present sight in the codes of information bonding the two.

Having the knowing of knowledge of the experiences of all that reveals the journey of becoming, the opened, awareness in our structure, the entire time of being here. In each experience.

The golden sovereign divinity of the realms of the highest dimension of consciousness integrating the information through the expression in the colors of self individuality. Unique exquisite masterpiece.

True, and genuine of all aspects of the story that was and is lived from each emotion, through integrity, love, creating the new reality with wisdom of what can be changed, and formed with the aspects of what once was. Defining the details with what all was seen, exposing the soul, the purpose, why are you are who you are, and doing and being one with the human needs and soul calling in divine creation.

Mapping the blueprint of the process of self, to illuminate all that is not one with the inspiration and ideas given through spirit. Signs and indications will be shown, cracking open the soul, wide open, as a flood gate the clarity comes through lining out the details of the beginning to present time, realizing the potential of learning and development of older knowledge and new knowledge to form the unity of the 3D earthly consciousness, in balance with the higher dimensions of mindfulness. Transparency is crucial. Infinite and all other outcomes of shift in this perspective, seeing one with the heart. Healing the exposed raw parts of what is uneasy and rough to form the clarity of polarity in the light and density of that one or many situations that have been within, as well as with those around you.

Limitless, possibilities, and expansive understanding, once you fully see yourself, the whole zoomed out picture can become easier to see and expose the truth, authentic integrity, and all moments scene, physical, and spiritual.

Next card,

number five with body and soul.

Center is a pink open lotus, a bright golden orb of light in the middle of the blooms that is surrounded with a crystalline iridescent circle that leads up to an angelic wings that layer and Cascades to the very top. The iridescent fades into a light blue. The entire background is in purple, a light color, with white clouds and stars trickled with universal and cosmic orbs. Around the lotus are to lily pads, medium one on the lower left side that is next to the larger one on the right. The left one is bright with light, the right has the iridescent tracing in the center to the outer lining. A bright yellow dragonfly, with pure white light on the bottom is at the top left corner of the large lily pad.

The message is a deep, shamanic healing, body and soul is that entire replenishment into healing. The needs of what physical indications are being presented right now, to then open and free the soul in a space of stillness, and honor to the process to have the two parts meet in balance, harmony, equilibrium.

Kundalini mantras can activate, deep healing, play stations on streaming with music, YouTube, any sounds and visuals to develop an intimate and focused relationship with the body to open all vulnerable spaces and aspects of what is invited to be an awareness of. Revealing the most vibrant and bright traits of the soul. The dragonfly is a representation of animal medicine, the truth, transcends illusion. Clarity. Change, wisdom, peace, purity, and harmony. The connection with the higher perspectives are to lead and guide the embrace to the light.

Sublime, Excellence In, Beauty, inspiring, great admiration. The lotus is grown in shallow waters, and in mud with full sun, the soul, in the center of that which is bright light of golden life.

Angelic abundance is fully supporting the growth, opening the blossom, in this, becoming one with the physical and spiritual .

In any place planted, you can always blossom, grow and fully embrace the sun of clarity in the channel of the stars that is with divine grace. Trust the timing, trust the process.

In every detail of what is seen, there are unseen, guided in what we feel and sense in our inate gifts from source. Allow the odd, unknown, different, funky, diverse ways to shine through.

The tribe that is lined out with you, have the similar insights and senses to feel the true inner light. Within that, is connected with spirit.

Hearts of genuine sound of truth will have equal or greater support and assurance in the journey of the growth and development into the deeper sense of self.

Embrace the path.

You are loved, and greatly supported.

3rd card.

Number 40, the land between.

Two parts of land, divided into with a path close to the bottom that has an open sunlight shining in between the divide that comes through the clouds. The gray clouds are in the back of the division, scattered with stars on the left, and right, mostly on the top. The center top has an elevated chunk of land removed, with exposed rock at the bottom and storm clouds. The divided land has a left and right bridge connecting to the center of the elevated remove land. The skies become brighter as the land that is elevated gets higher. The heart will be the mending bridge from the left and right perspective, getting to the land between that is elevated. All grass is green of both divided lands, each with a defined path, yet the bridge has formed on each side to meet in the middle, and are simple, forming all three lands together, with a loving light to accept all that is in the separated paths. Coming together, mending, a bridge of each aspect of what realities can be on different sides. Each can have a common ground, resolving the conflict that is underneath the rocks of raw land that is above the sun rising through some gray spots.

Perspectives and mindset, that will get the light to shine through on both ways, having a new day, new start, fresh beginning.

We get to choose where we walk and allowing new life to grow, despite of the difference. Take a deep breath, feeling to the body, where is this tension, can we bring awareness of neutral observing to this one dark storm of conflict?

In this, where can love live?

Forgiveness, it's in the freedom, enlightenment of the strength through the clarity, making sacred space for this release. Look in the spaces of sacrilege, who, and what took place to violate that trust. Moving to this new elevated space, trusting self, and embracing the empowerment, that helps move the steps forward, to overcome and will take courage and bravery. Facing all the truth of self and others, releasing and letting go of any expectations or assumptions to define any form. Let it be free form. To be fully comfortable with all that can be uncomfortable. Foundation of full support starts with you. And always that separate, can there be a mended?

This world is big enough, wide enough, and stable to support all, and in each diverse perspective, excepting the oppose journey for all that is their own truth. At that moment, there can be a joint bond that elevates both mindsets in unimaginable ways that no one could have ever imagined. Source forms, new methods for us, the mind can only go so far, love will be that saving grace, the light of spirit supporting the transition of mending.

We get to be human, empathy is that understanding.

The final card, at the bottom of the deck.

Number 46, the uncharted Sea.

The song that was in the background is call me home by Galantis.

Heart is the home. We are traveling through vast waters, and a calm, study, dark, deep, blue depths of the ocean, with a white compass in the middle of the water, mostly at the bottom of the image. You see a sailboat, with an open bright, yellow light, all over the open sail. A pelican at the front of the boat, and resembles empathy, nobility, and goodness. Above is a clear light of blue skies with a scatter of white clouds mixed in. A small lamp with a star in the center is hung at the very top of the end of the sail, below are the stars that are around the boat and above the water. Bottom left of the water, our trees, and some foliage, the right are with clouds and a bright lining of light in between them.

And the message is floating on the unknown, just going with the flow and keeping a steady ease within to keep the ceiling smooth. The heart is always home and center when trying new journeys and discovering new paths/waters that are filled with endless outcomes and possibilities. Which ever direction is chosen to set sail, there are no "right" or "wrong" choices. Regardless, we grow in every instance.

The heart of Gaia pulses through each wave, as some days are in high tide, and some in low. Surely to carry you to sure, there is an assurance to any outcome to strengthen and replenish your inner guidance of your own heart. Allow the clear skies to captivate dreams, endless possibilities, peace of open space, quiet, and fluid support to keep you afloat. Hope For The ideas and those dreams that are infinite, embrace the good in all the guides that give signs, and through each experience that came purely be with spirit. Not knowing the way can be unsettling, but surrender into the surprise of all chances that can be great and so uplifting.

Rewire the thoughts that are oppressing and opposing the good getting greater, Inviting that challenge to all places of resistance that you can be worthy of truly anything. Each direction has the guides of elementals, animals, Nature’s, especially within the indigenous nature the place of the compass in each direction brings a certain energy.

if you can change course, then what is really hindering or stopping you? Freedom is yours if you choose it, nothing is defined. Let go of attachment and go with the divine trust in this process, there is perfect timing just for you. Loving each step of the journey thus far.

Patience and determined affirmation to go where the heart calls will be the key to claim all that is worthy to be yours. You will always be worthy. Enough. No matter where you are in this journey. Take a leap of faith and enjoy the adventure, you are ready for the new life.

Be brave and leap.

Every single word that was exchanged today has been charged energetically through angelic light frequencies.

If you are ready to accept and integrate all the messages and energy connected with this message today.

Either say it to yourself or out loud, I receive, and I am ready to integrate all the energy today For the highest good.

Hope that this treated you well and with many blessings and love.


Your soul Sister

Kaylynn Cheyenne 🌹

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