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Becoming through the new beginning

Hello and hey there to my fellow beauties of all walks of aligned soul path,

there has been some transformation I see?

Let's take a closer look.

. Bridging the concepts of all the different ways life can be and flow together.

The oracle messages lately are from a new point of view for sure, especially from the rising of what once was to now that is. Reality morphs , the momentum built on the grounds of the past experiences that pave the new journey in the present. A profound connection of timelines and coming into the embrace of the stronger self from climbing and working through some strenuous obstacles.

5 cards from the starseed oracle (click the highlighted and this will take you to the creator).

Weight of the world.

Boundaries. Let it go. It's not yours to carry.


Click on the image and that will take you to the creator's message of the meaning in detail.

In this case my podcast will be that beautiful channeled in depth message.

Seems like the burdens and obligations to a certain few people are holding back some of our greatest potentials.

Yet we all have consent. Free will.

Journaling the cords of connection is a great tool to find each relationship that is either equal or greater serving to our well being.

True and authentic moments to this experience with this person will also be a pro and con list to eliminate the toxins from the energy system you share and evolve from.

Next card:

Your life is a canvas.


The healing is your responsibility, that feeling and then into freeing is the connection to the ease to receive.

Spirit, creator, great universal source, that is inspired and the ideas that come into our thoughts are in a open state of being.

The lizard 🦎 spirit also is a guide in taking initiative to lay back and relax to take in this beautiful new vision into account in daily living.

The more eased and replenishment is needed and acknowledged, that's the confirmation to form the expression in what ever literal physical form or metaphysical way to come out.

The art of your thoughts and emotions are the colors that make each image feel and depict each experience in the person you speak/ create to and for.

In my own hands of creating, usually speaking to the former self of a past time is the vibe of what we are achieving some type of upliftment and encouragement.

Intentions of intimacy with vibes and deep feelings to really help understand what place we are in and where they come from. Speaking from a home base that is secured, so the emotions feel safe to come out and release.

Captivating the audience, vulnerable and exposed in a strong sense with confidence and courage supporting them with a community that is secured in commitment to self improvement and others.

Next card:

Deep Cellular Healing.

Arcturus energy. Physical and emotional healing.


Emotions are connected to the physical, the best book recovery in the process to heal each cell. ( click highlighted word )

Now there's practical advice and practioners that facilitate this approach in emotional codes .

If the page to the person is not accessible for non instagram users , please reach out to me and I can connect you with them.

Everyone is capable of doing self healing and self development in this space, so please know there is no higher / lower quality in person, place, or things.

The pedastool, hierarchies, certain certifications are required for some essential aspects of medical care. In the spiritual world of medicine, there are tools to assist and improve your mind, body and soul in a holistic manner.

In all means of being human, there is balance and harmony between taking only what is necessary. Dose and quantities are important, to maintain homeostasis inside and out.

Other tools found best in my own research 🔬


Plants 🌱




Emotional release with coaches

Body care rehabilitation

Breath work

Meditation indoors


Trauma Therapy eastern and western

Sister soul connection recovery therapy


Psychic practioners

Oracle cards

Indigenous/ shamanic training

Plant medicine (cacao and grandmother/grandfather)

ocean/sea cleanse

Nature grounding in walks/still meditation

Wiccan reading and facilitation

Angels, ancestry, animal, galactic, known and unknown spiritual beings and guides supporting me in the higher greatest good.

Next card:


Doors are opening. You decide. Rewards. Wild Card.


What does your mindset mean?

Thoughts and words that are circulating, this is critical for elevating your life and making that manifest.

Clean up your home, any other physical possessions that are a burden and associated with your past that you are ready to depart from.

If the uncomfortable feeling comes through, the past could be associated with the up level in your strongest character of your growth.

Some of the previous posts on this blog assist with trauma response and recovery, so you know the trigger that the body holds.

The first dip into the new mind will have backwash of some floating memories that your thoughts hold from your most vulnerable moments.

Find strength from each experience, the truth and have the Ho'oponopono prayer for forgiveness.

Last card: (bottom of the deck)

The Blue Flame

Spontaneous awakening. Activation. Integration time.


Here is the link into the realms of existence, to each emotion there is a frequency and this holds the consciousness key to developing a sense that is one with our spirit.

The mind being sharp and powerful in emotions and facilitating the process of releasing is an alchemist way of transforming and transmutation that will elevate you into the highest and greater good of quantum physics within the mind, body and soul.

Find the tribe and soul family that resonates and connects with you in the most genuine and authentic way to find your new place of elevation.

Let spirit guide, listening to your inner intuition.


What a read !!

Water , replenish and rejuvenate to get that beautiful miracle magic ✨

With love,

Your soul sister

Kaylynn Cheyenne 💝

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