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Adorning Amplified

Hey , hey , hey!

Long time since our last post, much appreciated patience from all you lovely soul family. Life events and celebrations really became of me and my podcast got some really powerful channeling and the blog kinda took a break.

Regardless, we are here now and since you and I last spoke, this message brought to us today is by no other than the angelic realm and the ancestors of all light and galactic enforcement that is for our greatest good. Protected and enlightened with only the brightest golden light, through the mind , body and soul. From all 7 directions( North, South, East, West, Heaven, Earth, and our center/soul). The elemental guides came into play as well.

*Anything highlighted is a link attached to the word/image:like the word above and this below*

In the picture there is the blue faded green or green to blue whichever, way that is seen is how this is perceived and perfect and beautiful in your own way. (Perfection is no way defined in the cultural way of right and wrong, this is the belief system of divinity and sovereignty that you are a blessing in all ways)

The colors are indicated from chakras/energetic portals within the body and that can generate an auric light around your physical space of existence.

Since receiving this download/upgrade of this energetic pulse as of literally a few moments ago, the new phase of transition is being open to awareness of a "past-life issue". Click the picture and you will see what deck this card was pulled from.

Asking for guidance is heavily invited at this moment, to allow the control to be released, trust the process and feel to heal. Situations have many different phases and can circle around in our view until we are capable of seeing from the higher perspective in the divine sense.

Everyone is able, just is the matter of the inner journey and assurance, build that trust and follow through with your own promise of care and nourishment. That will re-establish a healthy boundary between the ego, other characters established along the way in your life's journey.

We have many types and persona developed per scenario and situations encountered with each person and will make the identification process so much more organized and efficient when we can categorize who, what, when on the timeline. Once we see ourselves clearly, in the most transparent sense, then we can clearly and easily identify when this is from another place indifferent a space, speaking from the soul experience.

Navigation is a fickle task as a human, some have a sharp sense of direction, that gut instinct. Intuition. So this is a trusting practice, and for the triggers that come through, you know you best, so take care of the tender spots. Nourish and nurture, now that you can feel your senses in your body, the mind is focused on the breathing, the technique to peacefully surrender into dense spaces.

As my beautiful guidance told me, as I to you, " I am the light, the light I am. "

Guides that are here for you are only wanting what is best for all the greatest good, in the utmost high. Once you believe that you are a holy sacred being of light, know that love lives there too. You are love, to truly embody that, is to have one consciousness in all that can and will be good for your being. Existence of all that can uplift in the most turbulent.

Emotions are identifiers, navigational points, map markers, adorn yourself in ways that bring that life force back to the front and make that a potent and prominent practice.

Starting now, messy action, just doin the damn thing, taking the leap of faith and wait to more. The task is to release and replenish, the rehabilitation from coping mechanisms and dependants of external substances are being invited to open and navigate.

Finding the source, allow the innate gifts of spirit to lead you, release the grip of control into the void of all that is free and uncaged. No more confinement, no more captivity, this is the surrender, the floating into an eased water of what gaia shows us.

Nature is a wonderful resource to reference in changes, in aid to heal , in a meditation today that is what helped my own tension in my body. To solidify and to have permanent structure in the space that was tender and sensitive in my body, to be forever and infinitely secured by the earth elements, such as indestructible diamond. May the grounds in which this tenderness lived, be a blessed and sacred space for all who are in need of healing in this same space and area in their own vessels of their own bodies.

A'ho, Amen, So be it.

Sealing the practice and fortress of healing with a prayer, makes the form solid and finished. Door closed type deal.

The reading comes from within a higher self and goddess space within the heart, with honor and trust this space is holy and sacred to creator/source. In all that is made from any idea/inspired action is shared with all whom are ready and willing to receive medicine in my own perception of reality. As with any other being, so take and give with discernment, with integrity, love and understanding. To each their own , to each their own opinion, perception, perspectives, that is their truth and to let them be. So let this be only for you and shared with your inner temple of the sacred grounds of the inner and higher self.

You are worthy and you deserve love and this is a warm welcome, invitation, encouragement to allow the heart to be set free.

The message of the Oracle today is from an image created in canva and AI generated graphics, the words were brought to me in the clairaudient, as it was heard. Layout in a way with the concept, clairvoyant that is seen. Inner emotions and vibes felt throughout my entirety is from clairsentient. To share this is not from personal gain, this is to be of service to the highest good for self and then to collective. Activations are individualized , to then be shared to all of society in methods that are guided and invited to each being that resonate and collaborate in a well meshed manner. A.K.A. your soul tribe.

Pulling the final message from Alana Fairchild of the Angelic Lightwork healing oracle , soothing mind and spirit #19 on the card. The image

With love,

Your soul sister

🤍💙💝🤍💙💝🤍💙💝Kaylynn 🤍💙💝🤍💙💝🤍💙💝

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