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Do you feel attachment to somebody you no longer want to be connected to?

Do you feel a emotionally suppressed, or very congested and clogged?

Do you feel consumed by Darkness?

Do you want to alleviate any pain or sadness?

Have you felt lack of energy or happiness?

THEN Illumination IS FOR YOU!

Talk about emotional block !

The first starting offer is in the Illumination guidance, hands on light healing through the angels , ancestors, and spirit guides you have with you all the time.

Within your own space there are boundaries to draw, sometimes we allow people to cross the line, but I assure you this, when we cut the cord they are no longer attached to you. This is the 2nd offer, the cut cord ceremony, and of it is so freeing!

Lastly, this offer of removing emotional baggage, having sadness, really expressing your anger, that is how we transmute. From a rough space to a light space, from confinement to Freedom.


Surrender to the entire sensation of your state of being, when we have an emotional release oh, we go back to that time and place. The inner child, the nurturing, nourishment, replenishment back to health and happiness.

Are you ready to rediscover
alignment in the mind, body, & soul?

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