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Do you feel you are stuck with your thoughts in sticky or dark situations?

Do you feel insecure to ask for help to get yourself out of your self-sabotage?

Do you feel troubled self confidence and low self esteem to feel compassion for self and life?

Do you want clarity from clouded and tangled thoughts?

Have you felt loss or disappointment that left your heart devastated?


You are not alone!

Being in a mind of resistance to follow my dreams and deprived of happiness

and self-kindness when I was feeling extremely low.

Feeling guilt from saying no really hit to the core for me, knowing that there are ways to reserve myself and all the good feels by just respecting my time. Saying thank you for the offer and saying that I need this time for myself.

Really taking time for cleaning clutter around my space, resting and recharging by laying in a bath or taking a super long shower.

Nourishment with tea and natural foods, journaling my thoughts, finding still and calmness to breath, cleansing the energetic space with sage or incense with a paired set of crystals.

Pure, heart-felt, time, connected oneness, to my own being really got my alignment and fulfillment in life back.

Are you ready to rediscover

alignment and fulfillment?

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