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Meet Kaylynn Cheyenne

Originally from the Southwest, New Mexico, Kaylynn came from a rural, country area. She comes from a single-parent household. Her and her mom always tried to find the best ways to flourish with what they had; walks in the park, reading books that were available to them at their local library . . . 

Kaylynn and her mom eventually moved to the Chicagoland area where they gained new family members. At this time, Kaylynn, at just 11 years old, was diagnosed with, bacterial meningitis, a brain eating infection.

After some time had passed, Kaylynn and her mom were back to a single-parent home where they strived to overcome sexual abuse. They became a dynamic duo to raise the newest family member and Kaylynn's new sibling. 

Empowerment really set in, at this point. Kaylynn's mom was always encouraging her to do better, never give up, and keep moving forward; especially when times get tough.

Kaylynn eventually ended up walking through her own depression, anxiety, and eating disorder while having a troubled conscious of what labels were put on her as a young teenager, as a strong woman overcoming sexual abuse, having a Hispanic background and looking a completely different color. Being diverse and unique had her standing outside of the crowd from a very early age. She's had to navigate how to be absolutely confident and powerful in her own journey.

Kaylynn dove head first in going for a first generation in staying clean with my work ethic, no recreational uses of substances, got my associates and debt free!

As Kaylynn went from resale retail, it really helped her understand how far a dollar can stretch. To then discover the dynamics of corporate office work, in a high school mindset. Today, now seeking her full purpose in coaching and serving her deepest healing to hearts and minds in troubled thoughts that had severe heartbreak. Knowing how to get out of the darkness and haunted thoughts she specializes in coaching for guidance to a caring and fulfilled life of being the best version of yourself.


Kaylynn is a living testimony of what happiness and light can come from very dark and traumatic situations. She overcame and continues to lead from all of her experiences.


Strong warrior women never give up. The world has so many bright opportunities to really be in a thriving mindset. Taking the first steps to self development grew the confident and powerful woman she is today.

From wisdom of the experience in life, walking through the trials and fire of life, light can and lives in all hearts. Releasing the darkness and opening your mind, connecting to the body, being one with the soul is how the healing will set you free. Confinement to freedom, breaking free from the overthinking, worries, and all sorrow. Light is here!

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